Digital Italy, the State-Regions Alliance Stronger: “Cooperation” Keyword

Sprint to digital Italy. The Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces ratified with Agid the Framework Agreement for Growth and Digital Citizenship towards the Europe 2020 objectives .

Recognizes the possibility for the Regions to play a coordinating role at the territorial level in promoting the digital transformation of public services for citizens and businesses, focusing on the seven areas of intervention outlined by the Three-year Plan for IT in the 2017-19 Public Administration: access to services, ecosystems and interoperability, enabling platforms, physical infrastructures, security, change management and monitoring, communication.

With this agreement, the foundations are therefore laid for a full and more effective implementation of the Three-Year Plan in the territories and the collaboration agreement between Agid, Regions and Autonomous Provinces is strengthened.

To facilitate this process, the agreement establishes that Agid will make available to the Regions a series of technical, monitoring and governance tools, including guidelines, interoperability rules, test and simulation environments, in synergy with the digital strategy national.

The actions envisaged by the agreement will be implemented through regional and national financial resources, within which Agid provides for the use of funds from the Pon Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-20.

The lines of the framework agreement signed today will subsequently be translated into specific agreements or territorial conventions between Agid and the individual Regions, to better enable the implementation of the Three-Year Plan in an innovative way.